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How do I get started?

Follow one of these steps:

  1. Select a store. Start shopping. Support our default causes.
  2. Select your favorite cause and start shopping on their page to support their efforts.
  3. Or simply just click on a store. From whatever page you’re on, you will support that cause.

How do you know you’re supporting your cause of choice?

Living Zoe online shoppers just have to do one thing: from the Living Zoe homepage, select the button “FIND A CAUSE NOW”. Or on the main menu, select “Find a Cause” from the CAUSES drop down menu. Once you’ve done this, your online shopping is tracked and funds are sent to the cause of your choice. It’s that easy!

How can my shopping make a difference?

Create a Personal Goal: $500 a month for your every day goods (toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, laundry soap, etc.)

100 people doing the same thing revealed $2,500/month for your favorite cause

1,000 People revealed $25,000/mo for your cause.

The power is in the masses. Tell a friend about Living Zoe!

Does this cost us anything?

Same products, same prices, your usual stores. Doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t cost your cause anything. A percentage is given back to your cause of choice.

How can I find out about coupons and deals through Living Zoe?

A couple of different ways:

  1. Select a store. Start shopping. Support our default causes.
  2. Click on the SHOP tab on the main menu. Then click LEARN MORE under “Get Coupons & Special Discounts”. Click to download link of desired coupon/deal.
  3. “Like” Living Zoe on Facebook and follow posts for new companies being added, shopping ideas, and current deals.

How do I Recommend a Cause?

2 Ways to Recommend a Cause:

  1. Fill out the cause information and Living Zoe will add the cause. Your cause will then be gifted funds from people shopping to support. No permission necessary from your cause.
  2. 2. Sign-up your cause. Choose “Cause Sign-Up” from the CAUSE main menu. You will then be able to share your link on your page. Here’s the link to Cause Sign-Up.

Do you have tips for shopping on Living Zoe?

Yes! Please check out our Efficient Shopping tab.

What are some things I can do to help Living Zoe?
  1. Spread the word!
  2. Tell your favorite cause about Living Zoe and encourage them to sign-up.
  3. Become a regular LivingZoe shopper & Tell your friends your personal testimony.
  4. nect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Share & retweet us!

How does My Tracker work?

My Tracker tracks your purchases so that you can see how you are benefiting your cause (i.e. how much money you are raising for your favorite cause).

*Note: Amazon does not allow us to put them into My Tracker or the Browser Bar. But as long as you click on the Amazon link from your cause’s page, your purchases will be tracked.

How does the Browser Bar work and how do I download it?

To download the Browser Bar:

  1. Click on Browser Bar
  2. You will be prompted to download. Follow steps.
  3. Once downloaded, you must go to their page and select them as your designated cause. You will then be prompted to click through the cause’s page to shop for them.

The Browser Bar will make it so that you automatically support your favorite causes when you shop online without having to go through Living Zoe.

*Note: Amazon does not allow us to put them into My Tracker or the Browser Bar. But as long as you click on the Amazon link from your cause’s page, your purchases will be tracked.

Where can I find the payout percentages?

A list of the payout percentages given may be found if you go to and search all stores. The percentage varies depending on product type and category, volume of purchases, promotions running, etc.

What if there is a company that I want to shop from that isn’t on Living Zoe?

Living Zoe has a wide variety of stores in nearly every category. Check out all of our store options.

How can I remember to shop through Living Zoe?

Easy answer: bookmark the Living Zoe page for whichever cause you want to support, so that your online shopping through Living Zoe is automatically tracked!

Also, utilize the Browser Bar tool, which you can easily download by clicking on the prompt at the top of the Living Zoe home page.

What if I don’t want to pay the cost of shipping when shopping online?

First of all, a lot of companies now offer free shipping—so don’t let shipping costs scare you away! Secondly, the money you generally save by shopping online often more than cancel out the cost of shipping.

How can I find specific stores on Living Zoe?

Click the SHOP tab on the main menu. Or search a store name in the search box at the top of the homepage.

What are the fees for the Donations?

Living Zoe gets 5%, the credit card company gets 3% plus $.30 per transaction. Their is no fee charged to the donor. Donations to a Living Zoe Personal campaign are considered to be personal gifts and are not taxed as income in the US.
Living Zoe makes no claims as to the tax deductibility of this donation, please consult your tax professional to determine if this donation is tax deductible.