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We support a growing number of causes, locally and globally, as they continue the good work they are doing in the world. While the original passion of Living Zoe was in supporting child orphans and sex trade victims, we’ve expanded to support any and all causes seeking positive change in the world. Come join our movement!

World Orphans

Children abuse and sex trafficking is rampant through many parts of the world. Children are bought from their parents (due to extreme poverty) or kidnapped, transported, and put to work in on the streets or in coastal resort cities. World Orphans is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering the global church to rescue, care for, and prevent child abuse around the world.

International Justice Mission

Sex trafficking is a growing global enterprise driven by deception, coercion and force. Traffickers transport or detain their victims for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. This trade in rape for profit thrives in the absence of robust law enforcement to ensure the protection of the law for vulnerable children and women.

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Invisible Children

With the support we receive from our tours and young supporters, we are able to implement cutting edge programs on the ground in Uganda. To prioritize and understand the needs of the community, our Uganda staff is 95% Ugandan. We focus on long-term development, working directly with individuals and institutions, to best understand the needs of these war-effected areas. We rebuild schools devastated by war, benefiting over 8,400 Ugandan youth in the areas of water and sanitation, books and equipment, refurbishment of structures, teacher support, and technology and power. We provide 690 scholarships to specifically chosen secondary students and 180 full ride scholarships to University. We employ mentors that holistically oversee healthy development for our students. We have also implemented micro-economic initiatives that are impacting 360 Ugandan’s in transition from internally displaced camps to their original homes as well as 13 formerly abducted child mothers who are now self-sufficient through our tailoring center that provides training in savings, investment, numeracy, literacy and health. These savings-and-loans initiatives have allowed villagers to save money and earn interest for the first time, freeing them to start their own businesses and provide for their families like never before.

We believe that the problems of central Africa need to be tackled comprehensively, from peace to education. Solving them is no easy task, and it will take all of us doing all that we can to ensure it. Join us in the race for peace, click here to find out what you can do to get involved.

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Generate Hope

Generate Hope is a trans-denominational Christian organization that seeks to provide long-term (up to seven years) comprehensive recovery programs. These programs are designed to guide sexually exploited/trafficked women and youth, or those at identifiable risk of becoming sexually exploited/trafficked, with or without children, between the ages or 13 and 30 into full rehabilitation and reintegration into society. As a part of the Servants Anonymous international community we view the women and children that we work with as Christ does, precious, worthy and unique.

Sexual Trafficking (formerly known as prostitution) is the use of force, fraud or coercion to profit from the exploitation of another human being. It is a social injustice and crime against humanity for anyone to be trafficked or otherwise sexually exploited. Prostitution is never a choice; given other options, no little girl dreams of being prostituted. Generate Hope provides a path out of the abuse of sex trafficking and hope for a new life.

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